The Key

The Key

  • What is known
  • What is Unknown
  • Guardians of The Key?
  • Explored and partially explored books and corresponding subkeys.
  • Unexplored books
  • Likely subkeys.

What is known:
The Key is a crystal discovered in the Library of Alisard (Travis, you might want to come in and fix my spellings) and is being borrowed without the knowledge of the staff. It allows people to enter books, maps, and even restaurant menus. The less detailed the item entered the the more surreal the it will appear. A book will be a very realistic world whereas a simple restaurant menu will be a strange space with various foods floating in a seeming emptiness. It is even possible to interact with the denizens, and remove items from the more descriptive works such as nonfiction books. Anyone within a five foot square of the holder of The Key will enter/exit with the holder providing they are in contact with the holder when The Key is being used. Bacon. When a book is entered there is a glowing blue spot marking where the person entered from. A book can only be exited from this spot sometimes called a save point. There are two types of save points henceforth known as Exit Points and Linking Points. An exit point will take you out of the book and back to the real world and requires only The Key. A linking point will take you from one book into another book and requires a “subkey” as well as The Key to use. The subkey is an item found in the book and is unique to each book. The subkey seems to often be an item that only occurs rarely in the book, such as an almost extinct plant, or a magical stone idol. A sub key will only work for the linking point(s?) for the book it is from but will serve to send you to another book or return you to the book from another book. If you enter a book, travel to another book and then exit to the real world from the second book you will find yourself where ever the second book is located in the real world. It is possible for a real person to become trapped in a book for months or years at a time. Also, time seems to stop if no one real is in the book but passes at the same rate as it does in the real world while people are in the book.

What is unknown:
The original origin of The Key remain a mystery as well as how The Key was lost behind a book in the Library. It is unknown what would happen to a denizen of a book if they tried to leave the book. It is not known for certain how many books a single book can link to or how many exit points a single book might have. How a subkey is determined as well as how books come to be linked is also a mystery.

Guardians of The Key?
A mysterious group consisting of at least five members claims to be guardians of the worlds within books. They claim there only goal is to keep people out of the books and make protect The Key. It is assumed they have their own Key as well. They claim to be of an old order established long ago but are suprisingly ignorant on the Keys origins and and much of it’s use. They say there is terrible danger in entering the books but know not what that danger is and seem hesitant to reveal what little they do know.

Explored and partially explored books and corresponding subkeys:
“Log of rare mineral manifestations” Evening Rosite
“Legend of Eleven Pearls” Onyx Snake Idol
[Book title unknown] Spike Thistle
“Swamp of Carthis volume Two: Colthian” Scarab
“Last year of the Kingdom of Alscold” Unknown

Unexplored books:
“Northern Azure Ice”
“Rare Foul of the Middle Kingdom”
“Falconry Tournaments of the Epoch of the Moon”
“Civic Consequences of the Seventeen Day Succession”
“Cults of the Black Bryne”
“Primal Orc Cults of the Plains”
“Atlas of Fallen Ley Lines”

Books that have been crossed off are missing and presumed taken by the alleged Guardians. All other books are currently held by the group.
Likely subkeys.

  • Tricolored Chain loop
  • Blue Glass Prism
  • Obsidian Rune
  • Orange Cat Whisker
  • Vertabrae Hoop
  • Blue Pearl
  • Dead Parrot(currently being worn by Pelligro Raton as a hat)
  • Refrigeration Sphere with blue ice(presumably only the blue ice is the subkey, it is not known if melting the ice and storing it in a bottle phial would still leave it’s subkey abilities intact)

All items were found in the office of Perisorioum. Most of them were hidden.

The Key

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