Allerah is approaching a decade old now, and as a shared Dungeons & Dragons campaign world, is still a work in process. It exists as much as imaginary chapters in a mental books, as written word, though this effort is an attempt to change that. It is best suited for 3rd Edition, but is being revamped in a major way so 4th Edition is accounted for.

The central theme of Allerah is conflict of cultures. It is a traditional high fantasy campaign world with all of the denizens and aspects of a traditional D&D campaign world, with a number of ideosychracies and novel alterations. These are explained throughout the handbook.

The planet of Allerah had existed for time immemorial, dominated by the four Native races: the xenophobic elves, the nomadic orcs, the industrious vruger (lizardfolk), and the hardy dwarves. With the exception of the isolated Dwarves, who lived only in the mountains of Northeastern Telean, all of these peoples that covered Allerah were tribal and primitive, and only sketchy verbal histories predate the Conjunction.

The Conjunction was the greatest event in legend to ever affect to world of Allerah. The details of the Conjunction are unclear and remain hidden in the mists of time, but one thing is certain: Allerah witnessed an abrupt exodus of refugees from a dying world. Approximately 3,900 years ago, the remnants of the Novus races- the humans, eladrin, gnomes, and halflings, made Allerah their last refuge as they fled their besieged home. No one knows what caused the demise of their home world. Some say it was conquered by infernals or demons. Others say it was devoured by an elemental plane, and other still say the sun of the old world perished, or the moon crashed into the sea, destroying civilization and blighting the planet. Whatever the cause, a few thousand refugees were all that remained of the old world.

This legendary event is the starting point of the Novus calendar, which is measured in 1,000 year Epochs. The Conjunction was followed by the “Epoch of the Stars”, a period during which the Novus races both conflicted and cooperated with Native races while settling anew. The history from this period is sketchy, since issues of survival and resettlement overshadowed scholarship and writing.

The Epoch of the Stars was followed by 1,000 years of expansion of the Novus races deeper into Allerah, during the Epoch of the Sun. This Epoch was marked by conflict between many Native tribes and Novus settlers as civilization expanded and improved, and kingdoms were built. The vruger, once highly populous across the world, went into steep decline. Violent orc tribes were largely destroyed, and cautious orc tribes migrated away from encroaching settlers. The elves violently resisted any Novus, orc, or lizardfolk interlopers and protected their domain, and managed to seized some lands from the vruger during the upheaval. The Dwarves, isolated in extreme conditions, were little more than legend at this point. There is far more history and legend from the Epoch of the Sun than the first epoch, though it appears Novus civilization was still in its early phases.

The Epoch of the Moon, from 2,000 to 3,000 years after the Conjunction, is remembered as a time of war and conflict. Kingdoms formed and crumbled throughout the entire Epoch. Armies were created and destroyed. Villages turned into hamlets, hamlets into towns, and towns put to the torch. Though war is is an ever present risk and occurence at all times, no period in history was as violent as the Epoch of the Moon. The humans and eladrin turned in against themselves during this period, which halted the expansion of Novus races across the land and, subsequently halted the recession of the orcs, who learned of land claims from the Novus races and declared their own dominion. The orcs, elves, and vruger fought not only the Novus races during this time, but they too fought against one another more than ever before. The elves again held onto their lands against orc and vruger invasions, and again the vruger suffered heavily as orcs conquered much of the remaining lizardfolk tribal lands. By the end of the Epoch, the vruger were completely decimated and scattered, and their primal society destroyed. Ever since, the vruger have live in small, primitive, isolated tribes in remote locations on the fringes of the wilds.


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