Shackles, once an aberration hunting arcanist, suffered a defeat at the hands of an Illithid and was subsequently mentally dominated into servitude until his Mindflayer master was attacked by a rrakkma of Gith. The Gith pursued the Mindflayer to locations unknown, possibly even slaying the horror, Shackles cannot remember. The mental trauma of his enthrallment has awakened long dormant telepathic powers and driven him mad.

Shackles still bears the signs of his bondage, most notably the shackles around his forearms, neck, and ankles that are linked by iron chains. He has lost much of his memories, haunted by dreams of shadowy forms with goggled faces and flesh like wax, of strange tattoos, tentacled beasts, and a glowing cerulean symbol humming in the night.

Now he is compelled to serve faithfully. He seeks to recover his lost memories out of a curious drive that he doesn’t fully understand or question. Indeed perceives everyone as his master, and wonders what will happen if his chains are ever removed.

While wandering through the swamps awaiting the return of his master, he fell under the influence of a group of new masters, exploring a curious ruin that he’d never before seen, that he can recall.


Allerah mrlost