The Story So Far...
Whence mayhem comes

Session 1: A Road too Far

Session 2: The Blood Rudder

Session 3: Arrival at Eventallow

Session 4: The Library of Elisard

Session 5: The Sacking of Perisorian’s Office

Session 6: Rare Mineral Manifestations

Session 7: Sahuagin Surprise

Session 8: Dwarves in the Badlands

Session 9: The Docks of Doom

Session 10: Kolthian Ziggurat, Part I

Session 11: Kolthian Ziggurat, Part II

Session 12: Unexpected Guests

Eron the Relentless, having had his old mercenary group disband (die) was in the town of…. looking for new recruits.

Barnabus, Peligro Raton, and Clarice joined up with him. Promises of gold and glory were made.

The group was hired on to figure out what had happened to a local merchant who had gone missing. They adventured out into the countryside, and found a bunch of goblins attacking the town. The group did battle.

Return to town. Peligro and Eron were arrested for beating up an old man, suspected of being mysterious. They spent the night in prison, and the next day in the stocks. Clarice threw tomatoes.

Tracking the merchants whereabouts to an old graveyard, the group was set upon by some enemies. They slew the elf and kicked the gnome off a cliff, and rescued the merchant.

He was grateful, and gave Clarice a magic amulet. He also gave us information on more goblins raiding in the woods. On their way to investigate, they were ambushed by said goblins.

With minor casualties, the group was victorious. They went back to town to inform the local populace of their deeds. The town offered them a bounty for the collection of goblin ears.

Back in the wilderness, the group decided to track down the goblin menace and found a cave full of them. It was a hard fought battle, but Peligro slew them all. Bandaging themselves, the group ignored their pains and advanced into the cave behind the waterfall. They did away with the goblins, collecting ears as they went.

The goblins were being led by a Hobgoblin. He was slain. The group limped their way back to town. They agreed, and looked for new blood. Derrick, ...(gnome) and Ecateran(?) joined the group. A mage was found as well. Peligro went missing.

The merchant from earlier had informed the group about an abandoned stronghold, where the cultists (who were trying to sacrifice him) were based out of. Eron, mysteriously, disappeared.

Group was in their base, disrupting their plans.

Giant skeletons, a huge boulder, evil spellcasters, and lots of kobolds. Even a trap that filled with water. Nothing could stop the group, though things were hairy for a lot of the time.

Helped an old spirit. Derrick was given a shiny new sword. Group stopped a summoning, killed cultists.

Back in town, the group relaxed. Barnabus received a mysterious letter, regarding a delivery. So the group decided to travel by sea to the town of …..

The ship ride was uneventful. Arrived in town. Spent a day wandering around lost. Someone suggested the group go to the library for help. The library was a huge structure, and the group was soon lost and separated.

The librarian the group needed to talk to had gone missing recently. Plot hook!!

An attack on the group was made within the libraries walls. The group “investigated” his living quarters, and “collected evidence”. A mysterious gem allowed the group to travel into a menu!

Suggestion was made to try the gem on other, more interesting literary works. Group traveled into a book, via the gem. Fought some stinky bears, and rock creatures. Reunited with Peligro and a man named Balki.

A “key” was found. Back in town, the group investigated librarians room some more. Things that had been overlooked, and considered dumb were now of interest. Traveled thru gem into a book on the pearl necklace. A string of isles.

Sea bears attacked the group. An ambush was prepared, and many sea bears were slain. A dirty gnome like creature was followed, and another “key” was found. Unlocking a desert.

Save point.

The adventurous group, traveled thru the desert. Came upon a group of dwarves, mining for something. Barnabus put the moves on a female dwarf, while Balki conned them into buying some water that they were in need of.

Fought a flying bear, and found the new “key”. Group needed a keyring!

Night fell. Group was chased by a pack of acid spitting bears. A dragonborn came to the groups aid. Not that they needed it at this point. There had been less deaths, and the mage blew up a bunch of the bears.

The new “key” unlocked the next chapter. A swamp. The group decided to explore the margins.

Peligro and Balki attempted to steal back a magic pearl they had sold. Peligro had his head bashed in by a giant clay golem, and Ecataren rescued him. Balki ran for his life.

Pearl was tracked to an Assadian ship. Group decided that the Assadians were slavers, and demanded the return of the pearl. Confusion ensued. Dragonborn fought a duel with the ship captain as the ship pulled out of port.

Peligro and Balki went downstairs and stole everything that wasn’t nailed down. The crew attacked, group fought them off, and downed the boss. Ship caught on fire. Unexpectadley.

Boat was rowed back towards port, but ran aground on the pier, rammed another ship. Surviving crew was arrested, though the group got away. A bag of magical goodies was found.


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